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Introducing Coach Brisk Risk, the Founder and Lead Coach of mTOUGH.

In 2021, I knew there was something missing in my development. I concluded it was mental skills and I connected with Coach Brian Risk to learn about his mental toughness program called mTOUGH. Brian began his research into mental toughness while coaching at the Olympics in 1996. In 2008, he published his book, Periodized Sport Psychology – Building the Bulletproof Athlete and coined the term “bulletproof”. His work pioneered the concept of teaching progressions in mental skills and establishing mental engrams which compound from topic to topic. I did his weekly program and every session was jaw-dropping! I was so impressed with his work and diversity, we have worked together ever since and have now established a business partnership in the delivery of the mTOUGH program. Check out his bio and the program description below. I can happily confirm … this works!




Welcome to mTOUGH, where we redefine mental toughness. Picture yourself on the field, court, or rink, fully immersed in your task. Your self-talk is positive and your mind centered on execution. Confidence exudes from you, and you're 100% focused on what needs to be done. You're "In-flow," where nothing else matters. This is the mental edge that propels superstars to consistently achieve their full potential. This is mental toughness. This is mTOUGH.


At mTOUGH, we understand the critical role of mental skills and we've crafted a systematic approach to deliver them effectively. Our athletes / performers embark on a journey where they learn fundamental skills, establishing a solid foundation for advanced techniques. As the program moves forward, these skills compound, resulting in profound success. Our ultimate goal is to equip individuals with the necessary mental tools to unlock their full potential.


Experience the power of mTOUGH from anywhere in the world. Our programs are designed to connect with clients globally through remote delivery. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, multimedia presentations, and live real-time discussions, we bring our expertise directly to you. Regardless of your location, our remote sessions ensure you receive top-tier guidance to enhance your performance and achieve your goals.


You can now enrol in our Free Agent Program for online learning for $25 (watch for promo codes on social media). This course runs for 8 weeks on Sunday nights at 7pm eastern standard time. You will join a group of athletes, just like you, from around the world to learn the mTOUGH system. You will develop 10 mental skills that will instantly help you perform with consistency and precision. Each session lasts about 30 minutes and includes a follow up summary. Register now for more information and the next start date.

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You can enrol your group into our Team Program. This program is customized to your team’s season, age, and sport. It becomes customized to your team and needs.  It is delivered on Sunday or Monday nights and follows the proven mTOUGH teaching progressions. Each session lasts about 30 minutes and includes a follow up summary. Prices vary depending on the length of your season and level of customization. 


  1. Foundational Mental Skills (8 weeks)

  2. Essential Mental Skills for Performance (8 weeks)

  3. Mental Skills for Emotional Control (8 weeks)

  4. Peaking Your Mental Skills (8 weeks)

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